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Gaming and
streaming training

Our team is made up of eboos specialized in gaming who are professionals in the world of video games and digital content creation.

You’ll find experts in broadcasting, editing, hardware and digital marketing; you’ll discover gaming tips, social media advice, channels and much more.

With our personalized approach and individual attention, we will help you create high quality content, to help you grow and improve whether you are an amateur or a professional. Our eboos will be your best ally whether you want to learn how to live stream your games with the best quality or you are looking to improve your engagement on networks.

Join Boosted Crew and discover our personal consulting, coaching and specialized live training services.

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Mental training

Neuro Coaching

Through neuro coaching, eBoos will work to identify your areas of improvement in brain functioning, develop strategies to improve attention, memory, concentration and decision making, and apply neurofeedback techniques to help each Booster develop new patterns of thinking and behavior.

Sleep Management

Sleep management is a key aspect of both mental and physical well-being. For gamers, a good quantity and quality of sleep is essential to improve performance and prevent injuries or conditions related to excessive gaming. At Boosted, we have resources and tips to help every Booster establish a healthy sleep routine, develop relaxing bedtime habits and learn about the effects of excessive screen stimulus on sleep.

Sports Psychology

Fundamental when it comes to competing. Focuses on how behavior, emotions and motivation affect sports performance. Our eBoos will help you manage stress, concentration, motivation and confidence, and how this can affect performance in the game.

Anxiety disorders, stress, burnout…

Stress, anxiety and burnout are very common mental health problems among gamers, social media users and content creators. In Boost your Mind we will use relaxation techniques, meditation and cognitive-behavioral therapy to achieve 100% of each of our Boosters.

Personal Growth

Personal growth is a continuous process of self-improvement, including self-awareness, interpersonal skills development, decision making and problem solving. At Boosted we want to help you grow in every way, we are a team!


Mindfulness is a meditation practice that focuses on awareness in the present moment. It has been shown that regular mindfulness practice can improve mental and physical health, including reduced stress and anxiety, improved attention and concentration, and a greater sense of well-being and happiness.

Boost your

The anti
sedentarian pitch

Personal body training

With our personal training routines you will keep your body healthy and exercised to give 100% in every moment of your day. Our eBoos specialized in physical activity and sports will be in charge of creating specialized routines for each situation and Booster.


Our eBoos are the best coaches we could have. We will work one2one to help each Booster achieve their goals, develop interpersonal skills and improve performance in the game.

Healthy eating: Healthy menus by ____

It’s important to maintain a balanced and suitable diet to improve performance and prevent injuries or conditions related to over-playing or excessive screen time. A balanced diet is the beginning of an orderly life.

Physiotherapy, pain, body movement, flexibility

Long hours in front of the screen often mean pain and injuries in the back, neck, fingers, wrists, usually caused by an inadequate posture. It’s important not only to treat these illnesses but also to prevent them from recurring through specific exercises and stretching.


We will combine physical exercises, meditation and breathing techniques to improve physical and mental health, while exercising flexibility, balance and endurance.

Sports medicine

Sports medicine focuses on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of sports and exercise-related injuries. This medical specialty also addresses the optimization of sports performance and the promotion of health and wellness through physical activity.